Father, husband, and software developer. I initially started my career in 2005 working with PHP and PostgreSQL working on a number of projects for a local non-profit art museum. I didn’t know it at the time, but I ended up developing a very early (and large) single page application using AJAX and Prototype (later slowly converted over to jQuery). In 2012 I jumped ship from PHP and moved over to working with C# and ASP.NET full-time while working on software for the Louisiana sheriff and tax assessor markets. In 2014 I ended up jumping ship once more to work on software for the regulatory compliance market for boilers and pressure vessels and eventually ended up leading a team of 6 developers as the technical/team lead for my team. I once again jumped ship in 2017 and I now find myself as a senior backend developer working in the security automation industry.

I’m also the proud father of triplets, which has been the most amazing, frustrating, and difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. When I’m not busy with work and taking care of these amazing little ones, I enjoy brewing my own beer and spending time in the outdoors.