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Using Multiple Auth Handlers In ASP.NET Core

By Sean Grimes |  Mar 22, 2019  | aspnetcore, csharp, featured
ASP.NET Core makes it extremely easy to configure authentication right out of the box with a choice from a plethora of different built-in authentication handlers. Everything from Single Sign On with Facebook to JWT to simple cookie authentication is available right out of the box. Where I found the ASP.NET Core documentation lacking was when attempting to use multiple authentication handlers at the same time. I was already using the JWT handler in my application, but I wanted to have my custom API key authentication handler run and handle authentication if no Authorization header was supplied as part of the request.
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How to Load Balance SignalR Without Using Sticky Sessions

By Sean Grimes |  Mar 19, 2019  | signalr, typescript, csharp, featured
SignalR poses some small challenges when running in a load balanced environment. When you have multiple servers then some users will have SignalR connections open to one server and then some users will have SignalR connections open to another. The usual solution is to use a SignalR backplane so that all the servers in your cluster can see every SignalR message that was sent, then forward the message to the appropriate users connected to each server.
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